The Gitanjali Literary Prize


Pondicherry ! This name itself triggers the irrepressible spirit of Francophony, of the French language as it travels around the globe and gets revitalized. But Pondicherry was just a somewhat neglected dream in our minds. With the founding of the Gitanjali Prize (the theme of its launching year in 2012 will be : " Resistance, Independence, Freedom", and the inauguration of a cultural week organized at the same time, we have only one objective :  to bring cultures and languages closer".

Photography of Pondicherry in South India Copyright Emmanuel Guérineau

In this context, the Gitanjali Prize will not fail to restore to Pondicherry its glorious aura and its evocative power on the occasion of an exceptional cultural event which could bring together, in a festive and efficient manner, the contemporary literature in the French language and the literary works of South India, this marvellous civilization whose splendours inspired so many and will continue to generate great artists within the Indian cultural ocean.